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The Thylacine (better known as the Tasmanian Tiger) supposedly went extinct on September 7th, 1936. 


The thylacine closely resembles a dog, but it is actually a carnivorous marsupial, belonging to the same family as the kangaroo and tasmanian devil. The male thylacine would reach 6 feet in length from head to tail, at about 45 lbs. It sported distinctive stripes that began in mid-back and continued down to the tail. Females were smaller. The bunched and extended rear was reminiscent of hyenas. The tail was long, thin, inflexible and did not wag. Its fur was coarse and sandy-brown. They had pouches in which they carried their young. The opening on their pouches faced towards the rear of the animal, rather than towards the head (as with Kangaroos). Thylacines often hunted in pairs, but they did not have great speed, the best they could do was a fast clumsy “ambling”, and they seemed to catch up to prey mainly by exhausting it from constant chase. They fed on various animals up to the size of kangaroos. They had powerful elongated jaws with a huge gape that could crush the skulls of their victims. When hunted by people using dogs, the thylacines would show no fear when cornered and would often kill the first dog to go in. The thylacines normally did not make any sound, but while hunting they were heard to sometimes make a quick barking “yip-yip”. No known recording exists. Thylacines were primarily nocturnal animals. Little is known about their social habits. From shot and captured specimens it seems that a typical thylacine litter was 3 or 4 “pups”. The thylacines that were captured and put into captivity often died quickly, but some survived up to 13 years. They did not make for great attractions at the zoos, caged thylacines were morose and did not respond to affection from their human caretakers. 

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